Photography print of the Pink Supermoon, Hook lighthouse, Wexford, April 2021.

Limited edition


Limited addition 11 by 14 inch photography print

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The Pink Supermoon, Hook Lighthouse, Wexford April 2021 print is a stunning example of nature and man at its finest captured in photographic art. This limited edition print showcases the most significant and brightest moon of the year as it rises above the iconic Hook Lighthouse in County Wexford, Ireland. The soft pastel shades of pink and purple provide a captivating contrast against the stark black and white lighthouse and neighbouring rocks. The photograph serves as a testament to the majesty and beauty of our natural world while paying homage to one of Ireland’s most important maritime landmarks. Captured with exceptional skill and artistic vision, this print would make an elegant addition to any home or office space looking for breathtaking natural beauty.

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