Panorama photography print of Moylisha Wedge Tomb, Wicklow,Ireland.

Limited edition


Panorama print of Moylisha Wedge Tomb, Wicklow,Ireland. 2022.

Black and white Pigment print 20 inches by 30 inches 

Ed 10

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This panorama photography print of the Moylisha Wedge Tomb in Wicklow is a stunning representation of this ancient archaeological site. The camera’s wide-angle lens captures the sweeping, commanding view of the tomb from a unique birds-eye perspective, highlighting its features, such as its oval-shaped design and imposing size. The high quality of the print allows one to see intricate details like the individual stones that make up the structure and appreciate its historical significance as a burial site for prehistoric Irish people. It is an excellent addition to any art collection, especially for those interested in Ireland’s rich cultural heritage or landscapes. It evokes an aura of mystery and timeless beauty and will inspire viewers to explore more about prehistoric Irish history.