Eco new build house in the Aran islands

The living area located on the upper level allows spectacular views of the Cliffs of Moher. It is connected to a terrace which is so orientated as to create a sun-trap and catch the sun from late morning until the last of the evening sun. The views from the road are shielded by part of the house, creating the private and sheltered outdoor space.Eco new build house on the Aran Islands

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Clay is naturally a very good material at regulating humidity, absorbing and releasing moisture readily. The clay blocks work by being ‘breathable’, i.e. being able to transfer moisture from inside to outside, thus eliminating the need for the cavity used in ubiquitous concrete block walls. Whilst being an ecologically sustainable product it provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, breathable healthy living environments, long-lasting air-tightness and fast construction. Given the high moisture content of the Island environment this product is ideal.