Waterford Medieval Museum,Ireland

The Museum Of Treasures is Waterford’s latest museum and pays tribute to Medieval Waterford.

The exterior images show curved and flowing stonework in a creamy colour at the different lights of the day and evening.

A relief sculpture at the gable end references a small item of medieval jewellery, on show in the museum.
The interior images reflect the effective combination of existing stone work with modern concrete, timber and glass combinations.

The medieval vaulted Chorister Hall is the centre piece of the new museum and is captured in some interior images.

Gallery one (three pages)

Gallery two (two pages)

detail of exterior curved walls

Waterford CoCo Waterford Museum interior existing wall arches lightening 324202-1525 324204-1672 3242-1276 3242-1302










(Medieval vaulted Chorister Hall)