architectural photography of Ballymahon Library Longford and interior photography

Ballymahon Library Longford refurbish with an extension images of the interior and the exterior

Architect’s Comments:

Dating from around 1819, the original Market House consisted of an open arcaded market at ground floor, above which was a courtroom, judge’s chamber and jury room, accessed by a small elegantly detailed stairwell at the rear of the building.
The ground floor of repaired historic structure of the former Market House houses the main library, with a local studies room to the first floor that is also used as a community meeting room.

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– RIAI Awards 2011, Commended,

Market House Building Background:

The original building, by the architect Samuel Mullen, was designed to fulfill two specific roles, that of court house and market house. The market house was situated on the ground floor and the court house, including solicitor’s and judge’s rooms and courtroom, was located on the first floor. The form and design reflects this double function with carriage arches to the ground floor essential for the market house, which are reflected above in the recessed panels forming a coherent and unified decorative scheme. The breakfront and classical features lend an air of authority to the structure befitting its original purposes. The sculpted limestone plaque to the pediment, bearing the coat of arms of the Shuldham family, local landowners who erected the building, and the carved voussoirs and keystones adds artistic interest to the façade and were clearly carved by skilled craftsmen. The market house reflects the growing economic prosperity of Ballymahon in the early nineteenth century.

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